Youth Summer Program Registration

This summer, give your child an opportunity to learn how to sail. Our Sailing Program consists of a proven methodology based on the following Course Levels. 

First Course Level

Yellow: Alumn will be able to sail by themselves and reinforce understanding of basic principles of sailing: Duration: 1 Session  (2 Weeks)

Second Course Level

Orange: Alumn will be able to turn and control boat speed, and understand basic principles. After successful completion, he/she will be able to compete in green fleet regattas! Duration: 1 Session (2 Weeks)

Third Course Level

Blue:  Alumn will be able to launch and sail a dinghy around a triangle and compete in moderate to high wind conditions. Duration: 4 Session (8 Weeks)

Fourth Course Level

Brown: Can launch and return to a beach, jetty or mooring, and sail as crewed dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions. Ready for International Regattas! Duration: 10 Session (20 Weeks)


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